Share Day!

It’s more than just a song to share today, it’s an entire free music buffet.

I have a small iTunes addiction, evidenced by the workout my credit card gets when I go on a musical shopping spree. But, I would be lying if I didn’t cop to loving my freebies as well. There are a number of sites that we have found, either through searches or recommendations, that offer sample playlists. Admittedly, this is how most of my new musical addictions are founded. I hear one song from an artist that I love and then immediately stalk out more. From a marketing standpoint, this is as classic as it gets – give your consumer something for free, establish a bit of brand love and make them want more.

That is what iTunes seems to be doing. Utilizing the social network mammoth that Facebook is, if you go in, “Like” iTunes (in my case, iTunes Canada), you can sign up to receive free sample playlists. And it’s not shit music. My first sampling included White Lies – a band recommended to me a few weeks ago that I had yet to go hunt down. And they’re good. You may not love all of it, but it gives a fairly well-rounded selection of songs to experience. Like them or not, you have to admit that experiencing some new sounds is always a good thing.

Instead of sharing a song today, head to the link below, like iTunes (if you don’t already) and get some free music for your trouble. It’s a long weekend, consider this a gift from a more musical Easter Bunny and spend a few days finding something new to love.


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