Songs of a Routine Nature

Confession: I’m a pretty routine-oriented person. It’s not that I abhor change, nor am I resistant to it. But I like my routines. For example, I work shift work. Two weeks working somewhat normal daytime hours; switched to two weeks working almost through the night. Night shift means a lot of “alone” time during the day. There is not a cute little girl voice, whine or cajole to be heard (which is both, at times a delight in the sheer idea of silence and a misery since, well, obviously I miss my kids). So I fill my days with menial domestic duties. And music. And routines.

Where routine meets music is in the little tasks: tidying up the house while my whole grain bread is toasting means my iPod is strapped firmly to my ears (music motivates); heading out with Cody (the dog who thinks she’s a bear) means high-energy music pumps through me as we scour the park in search of that one perfect tree (music keeps company); a quick workout, followed by a shower means music playing on my ancient bathroom stereo is that which I can sing – loudly – along to (music emotionally satiates).

Even the artists I listen to tend to be the same sometimes. Workout music every day is almost always Hesta Prynn – it’s upbeat, quirky, fun and I can freely dance around to it. It reminds me of NYC, Webster Hall and what has been my most memorable day of this past few months. Feel good music. It motivates. Besides, Hesta Prynn likes to go running (she told us so herself – a story for another day), so I always wonder if her own music inspires her to “get up and go” the way it does me.

Shower music is almost always Blind Melon’s “Soup” – an album that disappointed the typical pop music fan, but the one I loved most. I started to enjoy Blind Melon as a 90s one-hit-wonder band, only to discover hidden gems in songs that were eclectic and a meshing of jazzy vibes, unique instrumentation and lyrics that were thoughtful and inspired. And although I have listened to this album so much that it is battle-scarred, beaten, skips from time to time and almost everyone I ever mention it to (aside from a very select few, who I’ve met that liked Blind Melon the way I do) has no idea that Blind Melon recorded anything other than “No Rain” with the “Bee Girl” dancing away – I find or rediscover a single lyric, or note, or piece of the music that resonates and makes my ordinary routine a bit more insightful. And perhaps not as routine after all.

Just for a little insight on how that happens, go check out “Walk” from the album Soup. Read these lyrics:

I find myself singing the same songs everyday; Ones that make me feel good, When things behind the smile ain’t okay..

It’s intriguing how you can listen to a song/artist every single day and glean different things from them based on what is going on in your life.  If you take enough time to truly hear it.


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