Our Single Step

We could have started this venture with some insipid “Welcome” post – an introduction to what we are doing here, who we are and all that. But that totally negates the purpose of the links at the top of the page. You can read and will either choose to find out more about us, or make assumptions of us based on what we write here.

No fancy “Hi! We started a Blog!” posts from us. We want to dive right in. And what better way to play “get to know ya” than to start with a song? Posting a song to start kind of stems from our innate hatred of being asked questions like, “Who is your favourite artist”. It’s kind of like asking what your favourite movie is. If you love movies, the question is an impossibility. Just like it is for music.

It’s just music – as it happens, we’re each choosing a “Song for Today”.

Betty Beat’s “Song for Today”:

I happen to have played this one over and over today, singing loudly for no one to hear: Adele’s “Melt My Heart to Stone.” Why do I love this song? Who knows. Today the lyrics resonate with me and she sings in a key I can, somewhat decently, sing along to. It’s been kind of rainy, dreary day with the threat of winter continuing to linger at the sidelines, which is probably why I’m singing along to lyrics like “Why do you steal my hand, Whenever I’m standing my own ground, You build me up, then leave me dead.”

From her debut album, “19”, it wasn’t a hugely popular song.  Certainly not as popular as “Chasing Pavements” and despite the fact that a lot of what I heard had Adele pegged as a knock-off Amy Winehouse (likely minus the trainwreck of a life and hair style), this song has been on my shuffle list for ages.  I will admit though – on a perfectly sunny day when I can’t get the smile off my face, the song tends to get skipped.  Today it stuck.

Liking Adele is my contradiction.  She’s a chart topper, so I’m supposed to scoff and show off my predisposition to  not liking anyone extremely famous and marketable.  But I don’t find her pretentiously famous.  I find her music very approachable with lyrics that, while I may not be living exactly in the same way in this moment, I have been in the past.  Which means I empathize with what I think she was feeling when she recorded this particular song.

If you haven’t listened to Adele already, colour me shocked.  But, should you be one of the ones that haven’t, go check out her perfectly lovely voice that is deep and rich enough that it warms a cold and bleak day.  If just for a few minutes.

p.s. Thanks be to YouTube who I’m certain will provide us with many a video to link to so we can share songs we love. That said, we should probably invite everyone to go purchase these songs after testing them out.


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