Hello world!

Beat & Lyric Coming Soon to a blog near you….actually right here on this very page. Right now we are too busy slugging back shooters to add content. Stay Tuned, we will stop drinking soon enough. I’m also out of typewriter ribbon….where can I get some?



3 responses to “Hello world!

  • Betty Beat

    Do we have to stop drinking to have a successful blog? I didn’t think so… I thought it was a prerequisite. Anyway, I get more loquacious when I drink. Sorry in advance world.

    ~ BB.

  • Lila Lyric

    Did I say stop? I must have been drunk when I posted that…..

  • Nancy

    Being drunk is a misconception that it loosens the tongue and true expressions fall out when in fact any expression falls freely and easily. Sober comments take more effort and can be twisted and misused also – so which method is better or easier to blame

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